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With decades of travel industry experience, and based in Los Angeles, CA, Tours for the World is a trusted leader in the tour supplier marketplace. We provide travel agents the resources to sell a variety of unique experiences, tours, and accommodations to over 40 global destinations.

Our expertise lies in creating outstanding tour packages of many types to many destinations at a variety of price points, creating a diverse, worldwide inventory of exclusive and memorable tour packages for travel agents to present to their clients.

We do not sell our tours to the traveling public – our packages are available for sale only through travel agents. If a traveler contacts us directly to book one of our tours, we quickly refer them to one of our preferred travel agent partners.

The right package for the right time.








nothing but the best

Featuring only 4-star and 5-star accommodations, our tours are handcrafted to meet the diverse and eclectic needs of today’s travelers. Simplicity is key; packages include admission, transportation, taxes, transfers, accommodations and much more. Depart for global destinations with the knowledge that traveler safety is our top priority.


everything you need, nothing you don't

Doesn’t matter if it’s a quick flight, drive or ferry, or a cross-country excursion, we have you covered. While on vacation, you get to call some of the greatest hotels in the world home. Only stay and dine in hotels/resorts and restaurants that meet our strict standards of hospitality and luxury. No need to worry about tickets and admissions to parks, museums, and other events. We take care of all the little things so you don’t have to.


just for you

We strive to provide culturally immersive experiences to over 40 global destinations. Relax with the knowledge that passenger safety is our number one priority. We may alter or change accommodations, tours, and transportation as deemed necessary, We are in constant communication with our colleagues ensuring we know everything there is to know about the regions we operate in.