There are four key pillars to exploring Colombia: landscapes, adventures, culture, and history. From unspoiled Caribean beaches and coastline to the Amazon Jungle, Archeological ruins, and dozens of quaint colonial towns. Colombia combines the best of South America and puts it all on display for the world to discover.

Yearly Weather

Colombia has a tropical climate along the coast and eastern plains. However it can be a bit cooler in the highlands. The best time to visit Colombia is December to March as well as July and August. The weather is pleasant during these months and many festivals take place at this time. Also the tourist crowds are relatively low.

Top Tours

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Travel Facts

  • Do I need a visa to travel to Colombia?If you are traveling to Colombia as an American tourist, you do not need to apply for a visa. When you land, you will be asked to present your passport and return ticket- you’ll then be issued a standard tourist visa, valid for 90 days. 

    Is Colombia safe?

    Colombia is a relatively safe country, it has long been considered one of the safeties places to visit in Latin America. Travel is especially safe for solo and female travelers,


    What vaccines do I need before going to Colombia?

    If you already have the most up to date routine vaccinations, then you are fine. The CDC also recommends that all travelers get vaccinated against hepatitis A and typhoid. Some travelers (depending on the areas you will be visiting) will also need hepatitis B, rabies, malaria, and Yellow Fever.


    Can I drink the water in Colombia?

    When in the larget cities the tap water is generally safe to consume, when in rural and countryside towns, the water may not be as clean. It is suggested that you drink bottled water, while in Colombia.


    Is it safe to use my credit card in Colombia?

    In the bigger cities, you should have no problem using your credit card. However, when you are at smaller stores, grabbing a snack, or taking a taxi you are going to need cash. It’s best to get cash from ATM’s located at the airport, at banks, and hotels.


    Do I need to speak Spanish to go to Colombia?

    No, however, once you are outside the tourist’s centers, hotels, and resorts, most natives do not speak much English. Most Colombians are open and welcoming of visitors, so travelers can get by with minimal Spanish knowledge.