Unlike its neighbors in the region, Oman is not about being the newest, flashiest, or biggest, rather – it is rooted in history and embraces its rich heritage and warm welcoming society. The country takes great pride in its sense of identity, and how it can preserve its ancient past while looking forward to and welcoming the future.

Yearly Weather

Oman has a warm climate and along the coast you will experience great humidity in summer. Temperatures during summer may exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The average monthly maximum temperature in the capital Muscat varies between 104°  in June and 77° in January. The average annual rainfall is only 3.14 inch – 3.93.

Top Tours

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Travel Facts


Most travelers from Western countries will need a visa, please the US Department of State for more info:


ATMs are plentiful in Oman and most are connected to the big international brands.

Many restaurants will add a service charge, though tipping beyond that is rarely expected. For exceptional service however, a 5% gratuity will be favourably received.


The tap water in Oman (desalinated) is considered safe to drink, though bottled water is safer. If you don’t like the idea of drinking the tap water, we’d advise bringing water purification tablets or asking your leader where filtered water can be found so as to cut down on unnecessary landfill.



Crime and terrorism is low and nonexistent. So, Oman is one of the safest places in the world to travel to. However, Oman has one of the worst road death rates in the world, and is the second highest in the GCC according to the WHO. The good news is the rate of 25.4 deaths per 100,000 people is in decline, and most accidents I see are self inflicted; caused by speed and distraction. With Oman’s modern dualized roads and a good awareness of your surroundings you should be just fine behind the wheel of your rented magic carpeted 4×4.


Basically you should wear pants and shirts that cover your ankles all the way to your shoulders. There are some situations where less can be acceptable. Women generally should be more covered, sorry ladies. If you want more information about what to wear as a visitor to Oman, visit my blog post and episode of the Sultanate.