We had an AMAZING time!  – Leslie Green

Overall, I was very impressed with my first Tours for the World Experience. This was definitely one of my favorite trips to date! Everything was seamless and the on the ground travel agency was accessible when we needed them. While we were expecting to have someone with us as a guide the whole time from the travel agency, it actually worked out and we were able to explore and figure things out on our own. The staff at all of the hotels were excellent. We got great service from everyone, including the transfer companies. Everyone was pleased with most of the hotels, particularly the Santorini Palace, which of course was the upgrade. Santorini was definitely the highlight of our trip! Also, the Athens city tour and the Acropolis excursion was fantastic, we learned a lot and truly enjoyed that experience.

Again, overall we had a great experience and truly enjoyed each destination. The ladies all appreciated you making the arrangements to the 360 Bar & Restaurant as well. It was the perfect way to end our trip and everyone was super pleased. I’m looking forward to my next Tours for the World trip! 🙂